ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING (ADL) STATIONS : Allowing residents the opportunities to maintain their current levels of functioning is paramount. Throughout our facilities, we are establishing ADL stations where residents can individually, or with others, partake in varied activities that promote the highest level of functional independence for that specific resident.

Example Stations:

  1. Personal Grooming – residents are encouraged to check their hair and face in the mirrors throughout the day. It is next to impossible not to chuckle when you make a funny face at yourself in a mirror. Go ahead, give it a try the next time you look at yourself. What research says about laughter
  2. Movement – exercise bands, light weights, stress balls, and movement cards are available for the resident to use anytime during the day and follow illustrated movements on large, easy-to-see activity spots.
  3. Cognitive Game – jigsaw puzzles, trivia cards, word searches, crosswords, daily news recaps, and various mind stimulating games are available for residents during the day, without having to ask or wait for a planned activity that focuses on cognition.
  4. Creative Corner – residents can peruse through magazines and newspapers and find their own picture to add to a daily collage. Each day, there is a new theme, whether it is a focus on a certain color, finding a specific shape, your favorite animal, the perfect outfit, a favorite place to visit and so on. The residents can pull out the picture and watch all the individual efforts turn into a large collaged picture to hang by the creative corner.
  5. Household Chores – as we age, there is comfort and meaning in doing the things that you have always done at your own personal home. Residents who find contentment in folding and sorting laundry or dinner napkins can spend time doing just that. Perhaps replicating a place setting is of interest to a resident. Time spent reminiscing and keeping the joints moving are the goals of this station.