5 Home Safety Tips for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease leads to severe forgetfulness, instances of confusion, changes in senses like vision or hearing, difficulty balancing, and lost sense of time or place. It can make a iStock_84300769_MEDIUM 3perfectly functional home a hazardous place, especially for seniors with both Alzheimer’s and physical challenges due to old age.

If your loved one is facing the effects of Alzheimer’s, home safety becomes an important issue. To help you accommodate him or her best, here are five home safety tips to implement:

  1. Remove slipping hazards: Bathroom tiles, the bathtub, or hardwood flooring can become slippery, making them falling hazards. Place non-skid mats in places where water is likely to be tracked or spilled to make entranceways, the bathroom, and the kitchen safer.
  2. Safeguard dangerous appliances: The stove, toaster, blender, or other appliances should be either locked or fitted with safety devices wherever applicable. The garbage disposal should also be disconnected.
  3. Remove clutter: Random items strewn about pose a tripping hazard, especially for someone who has difficulty balancing. Put away all clutter and make sure each room has clear, open paths for foot traffic.
  4. Lock up dangerous items: Weapons, knives, glass items, and cleaning chemicals should all be locked up to prevent dangerous mishaps. A senior with Alzheimer’s may either inadvertently hurt him or herself or—due to forgetting who people are—may attempt to do harm to others.
  5. Mind heating systems: Heating appliances such as space heaters should not be used. In the case of heating blankets, keep the controls out of your loved one’s reach. Also, keep fireplaces well secured and lower the water temperature (120°F should be about right) to prevent burns.

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is a heavy responsibility, and you need to be vigilant. In some cases, moving to another home may be in order. Senior Care Centers can help you care for your loved one by providing a safe, secure, and welcoming place to live as independently as possible. To learn more about senior care, contact us today.

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