3 Tips To Ease The Transition From Independent to Assisted living

Change is difficult at any stage of life. Growing up, we are always told that life is assisted livingcharacterized by constant change, and it’s easier the better you become at adapting to these changes. It is undeniable that some stages of life are easier than other to adapt to, and making the transition from independent living to assisted living can be one of the more difficult phases. For many adults making this transition, it can feel as though they are losing some of their independence, when in reality, they will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Tips to Help Ease The Transition for Your Parent or Loved One

1. Bring Your Parent to Visit The Facility as Often as Possible Before Moving

Helping your parent or loved one become familiar with the facility will help them to feel less like they are in a foreign place and more like they are in a comfortable community. While visiting before and at the beginning of the move, also encourage your parent to participate in activities at the facility. Facilities have specific activity programs so that your parent may remain social and feel as part of a community which will combat any feelings of abandonment or loneliness

2. Do Your Best to Recreate Their Former Living Space.

Bringing small items such as framed photos, plants, favorite chairs, pillow, and other touches of home will help ease the transition and make your parent feel as though they are in a familiar safe haven. By duplicating their former space, you are providing your parent with an undeniable sense of security as these things are remaining the same even though everything else around them is in a period of adjustment.

3. Allow Your Parent to be Independent.

Especially during a transition to assisted living, it is important that your parent still feels as independent as possible. While they are technically in a level of care in which they are assisted with their daily needs, your parent is encouraged to do what they desire. Hovering over a parent or loved one can cause further anxiety and can set the assimilation process back, unfortunately.

While placing a loved one in assisted living is a difficult decision, it is often the best choice so that your parent can remain independent with just a little help for daily activities such as medicine and meals. At Senior Care Centers, we strive to make this transition as smooth as possible and to help you choose the correct level of care for your loved one when the time comes.

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